Thursday, August 2, 2012

B2C2 Bike Swap! 9/21/12

In 2010, B2C2 hosted a very fun swap meet at The Record Company in Boston. We had lots of vendors and attendees, a raffle, bake sale, etc. It was a great time and since then, we've gotten a lot of requests to host another. Since The Record Company was literally putting up walls the very next day to build their studio space, however, we were out a venue.

Luckily, Marty and the fine folks at Headquarters Boston stepped in and are graciously allowing us the use of their ENORMOUS space to host another swap! The swap will be on Friday, September 21st and will run from 6pm until 10pm. If you're interested in a vendor space, please register in advance here - vendor spaces are $20 to pre-register and $25 day-of. If you're interesting in buying or perusing, entry is $2 per person. Proceeds benefit B2C2 and HQ Boston.

We're working on pulling together the same degree of awesome as the last event - look forward to some amazing vendors, more cupcakes than you can eat (well, maybe not more than Mike can eat. We had to fight him off of the cupcake table at the last swap), great raffle prizes and more!


  1. where exactly is Headquarters boston?

  2. 12 Channel St #202, Boston. It's in the Marine Industrial Park.