Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rider Bio: Jon Malone

Name: Jon "FJ" Malone
Hometown: Boston, MA
Disciplines: Old school BMX, Downhill MTB, XC MTB, Cyclocross, Road/Crit Racing. Making the best cup 'o coffee.
Categories: Downhill MTB ( Cat 2), XC MTB (Cat 1), Road (Cat 3), Cross (Cat 3)
strengths: Going downhill and picking great lines
weaknesses: admitting weaknesses
Occupation: Coach and founder of ViVe LLC.
team role: Head game consultant and PR. assistant
style: I create it on the fly
career highlight: Surviving being run over by a large truck
How you got into bike racing: I was bored with my neighborhood and started biking for hours to escape.
first race: Pick-up BMX races as a kid. XC MTB 1995 at Winding Meadows in Farmington, CT.
favorite part of racing with B2C2: I am enjoying getting to know the crew. 
favorite place to ride: MTB, Highland Mountain and old trails in CT. Road, Getting lost in VT and NH-long climbs as you know the downhill will be epic.
favorite experience on a bike: Biking on my first BMX bike through the Iowa State Campus as an 8 yr old. I felt so adventurous and older.

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