Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sterling Race Report- Cat 3

Due to school, this will be short but sweet. Imagine that I took time putting in funny links and stuff…

After almost not showing up to the race thinking it was Sunday and not Saturday, Preston and I rolled out of Cambridge with McKittrick to race the bikes (thanks for the ride guy, wicked pissa). The field looked pretty strong and I was definitely intimidated by my first real 3 race. Cass was also present and "team tactics" were decided upon. The plan was to sit in, see who makes it to the end and possibly assemble some sort of lead out for someone. Tentative, but enough of a plan.

So there we sat, content, staying close to the front and absorbed the hurt of that steep climb over and over again… Cass chased a few down the first few laps and Preston and I sat in. After the fourth time over the climb I started to get my legs and feel MUCH better after yesterday's tempo ride (since I didn't think I was racing today…). Last lap comes around and Preston, Cass and I are all together, towards the front 20ish part of the pack. We were all good position, but as the pace dropped slightly the front was swarmed. There we were, mid 40s about ~2 miles to go, attacks going off left and right. It was time to get to the front.

After some struggling to get out of the pack, Preston and I moved left and he delivered a mega pull up towards the front of the group and pulled off at the base of the final climb. A few people dive the turn and somehow get wayyyy in front of the pack. I put my head down, and dug incredibly deep for a 3rd place in the field sprint and 7th overall finish. I then proceeded to ride 100m, fall over onto a grassy lawn and let the hurt envelop my everything.

Things going through my head during the race…

stay up front, don't crash… mom will be mad if I do

I've almost emptied my Boloco card this week… Delicious

I should be studying for finals… oops

my wheels are out of true… I mean really out of true… so much hopping

Rep the team HARD

Converge-Last Light

Pelican- Mammoth (This seems to be the song for brutal racing this season...)

Bottom line…

Preston is the man and can deliver mega watts and impressive leadouts

Cass, like always, is awesome, and can keep it together at the front… also brings all the watts.

Cat 3 Sterling has unleashed some next level suffering on my legs. This is good.

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