Friday, May 13, 2011

Rider Bio: Kevin Sweeney

Name: kevin sweeney
Racing Age: 33
Categories:  Mountain Bike (Pro), Cyclocross (Not Pro), Road (Not Pro)
Strengths: Sucking wheel.
Weaknesses: Power.
Favorite Burrito: Large Classic, no meat, black beans, brown rice, habanero salsa.
Favorite Races: Winding Trails, Ice Weasels, 24 Hours of Great Glen.
Personal Internets:
Craziest Ride: Norcross Scurry '09 in hurricane Dan.
How It All Began: I entered a race in 2006, got lapped by a chick, and have been trying to redeem myself ever since.
Pre-race Ritual: Obsessing over grams of carbohydrate/protein ingested in the last 24 hours, tire pressure, hydration, warm up, chain lube, tire choice, shock pressure, stretching, feed zones, ounces of gel in my jersey pocket. Are my shoes tight enough? Is there a little gap between my arm warmers and jersey, gloves and arm warmers? Are my shorts aligned with my tan lines? Did I choose the right socks?
Worst/Best Injury: When it comes to injuries I'm all about quantity, not quality.

Poignant Thoughts: The more you ride your bike, the better the burritos taste. (This is called "pandering to the sponsor.")


  1. Pro mountain biker?

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