Monday, May 2, 2011

Blue Hills Cat 4 Race Report

This weekend Nick and I rode out the blue hills to do some bike racing. It looked like it was just him and I for B2C2 in the 4s, so no tactics were had, just to go hard. General cat 4ness was abound, exploding tubes on the line, uncomfortably expensive bikes, bikes older than I am, baggy kits paired with carbon wheels, hairy legs, etc.

The races started pretty calm with a few attacks here and there. Mike Farrar from Greenline Velo and Charlie Schubert of Cambridge were on the watched list, as I know both of them were equally fast enough to take this one or at least put the hurt down. Mike and I attacked a few times to keep it interesting and put the hurt on some fools who decided to chase. As soon as the pace started to settle the 2nd lap, Nick headed towards the front to set the pace and do a good amount of work. Even without predetermined team tactics, this plan seemed to be working well. Nick would control the pace on the descent and back section while I would stay near the front on the climbs. This was turning out to be a pretty tame and fun ride.

Last lap comes around and then the race really started to heat up… in the worst way possible. A bunch of awkward pack yelling was heard behind me, and all of a sudden, I was being elbowed out pretty hard by another rider (he did apologize after the race, so were cool…). As we approached the last climb I was in pretty good position, yet not good enough to counter the first attack that got away. As he started to get some time on us I realized that it was time to go, and weaseled my way out of the group to start my sprint up the last 500-800ish meters of the climb. Realizing now there was another rider who had gotten between me and the leader while I was wiggling through the group, I sprinted hard in a vain chase for second place with a few riders close behind. I was rewarded for the hard sprint with a 3rd place finish, my best non collegiate result of the season. Sadly there was no podium, but there were delicious sandwiches on the ride home. Fun was had, bikes were raced.

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