Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Providence, day one, mostly involving cyclocross.

Being Wednesday, it seems like a good time for me to write a race report for last weekend now that I've forgotten everything. Where shall I get started..

Oh yes, Providence. Roger Williams Park. While I did not have much time to visit the zoo or ride the carousel, the racing was definitely top notch. And by top notch, I mean "really fucking awesome." On a scale of say, one to ten RFA's (my attempt to rip off popular blogger BSNYC's use of the DFU), I'd say Providence was definitely ten-ish.

Kevin's proclamation that Cat 3's ain't shit had me a bit discouraged, but I managed to press on and toe the line with like 100 other people who seemed to "be shit" in a non-crappy racer way. My results from Gloucester got me a first row call up, which was very helpful.

My start went pretty well, and I settled into a small group. Towards the end of the first lap, it was Colin Murphy, Chris LaFlamme, Colin Huston, and I off the front of the group. Before we crossed over, I made a small attack and went to the front of the group, hoping to put in some time on the run up.

After a couple of turns, I took the turn from the road into the gravel path before the run-up too hot and slid out. Quickly picking up my bike, I got back on 3rd places wheel through the run up section, though Murphy was pushing the pace on the following road section. I sat in the group for a little bit, a lap or two, recharging after blowing my first attack. The gap between the chasers and the top four group began to close, and I decided to attack again to prevent anyone from catching on. The best section for this, I found, was the back straightaway by the Clif arch, before the turn into the beer tent corner.

At this point, LaFlamme, Murphy, and I were trading places back and forth for a couple of laps. Towards the end I knew I'd need a gap to stay on the front. Huston fell off, then LaFlamme, and in the last section I managed to get a good enough gap on Murphy to avoid a sprint finish.

What did this all mean? I actually won! Despite what most people said, I was pretty psyched to get 1st, though at the time I was looking a bit ghostly and probably needed a piece of cake or a cheeseburger. Saturday was my first CX win ever. Pretty awesome.

Fellow BBB/ERC'er Mike Wissell also had a good race, placing 9th. Dude's been having bad luck with bikes lately, but he did well not to incur any mechanicals.

An important, and more serious, aside

On Friday night team-mate Harrison Seiler, formerly a full-time courier, had a bad spill on loose pavement while covering a shift for the day before his other job. He broke his jaw pretty bad, missed the Providence weekend, and will be off the bike for about 6-weeks. This rates at least -1,000 on the RFA scale. Heal up buddy! You'll be back in the saddle before you know it.


  1. Nice Job Greg, seriously.

    Now upgrade so I can be that much closer to the front of the race!

  2. NO! don't upgrade. despite everything i've said, Cat3s are awesome. stay there.

    i'm never going to see another verge point if i don't figure out a way to keep fast people out of my race.

    don't go to maine, it's way to far of a drive. i actually heard they cancelled the race. yup, might as well stay home.

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  4. Greg, I gave Mike a CD with some pics from Saturday's race. Hopefully he will post them soon.

  5. I'm with Kevin. Cat 3 is cool. Elite is no fun. Whatever you do, you definitely don't want to upgrade and then place in front of me. That's definitely the least fun you could have on bike.